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Case Study

 MDI will be glad to help you learn if

Geo-Fencing is an ideal solution for you

Case Study client:

Cellular Carrier



Learn what people think of their new store design & marketing.  Compare with competitors.


  • Use Geo-Fencing to address quick timing and budget constraints

  • Ring-fence thousands of geo-coordinates for client and key competitor stores

  • Use sample from a large, national panel provider

  • We immediately email/text panelists a short 5-minute survey when they visit and exit a ring-fenced store

Why it’s breakthrough

MDI’s solution simplified a complex study.  It was fielded in a few days.


  • Strong US representation

  • Responses were in-the-moment

  • No missions.  No interviewers.  No bias.

  • Competitive stores were easily included

Why this client loved our solution


  • Loved the speed and overall costs

  • Peer comparisons not practical before

  • Clear differentiation and rich data


  • The client got quick feedback, solid benchmarks and was able to make great business decisions!

Julie Liabraaten.jpg

"MDI is doing research we never thought possible – and the costs are excellent! "

Is Journey Tracker right for you?


  • Fast Food:  many touch points

  • Airlines:  high-traffic, high flow areas

  • Phone carriers:  many stores

  • Sports teams:  high traffic, high flow areas

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