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Case Study

 Bringing the voice of the consumer into the creative process

Case Study client:

 Luxury car brand



Feed rapid but rich results into the communications process to strengthen the creative and ensure the campaign achieves its strategic goals.


  • Short 5 minute survey, where consumers are first exposed to story board, manifesto, positioning statement or actual video commercial

  • Open-ended feedback for diagnostics

  • Testing of the creative on MDI’s comms testing framework:

  • personally relevant to consumers

  • messaging clear and on target

  • distinctive vs. competitors

  • impacts brand affinity/consideration

Madi's CommsEval Framework






Why it’s breakthrough

Time and budget is a luxury in the creative process, and now marketers don’t need lengthily or expensive benchmarking studies for comms evaluation:

  • Rapid turn-around in days – customized

  • Rich insights on improving the creative that is not cookie-cutter

  • Thoughtful testing of creative against the strategy before production starts

Why this client loved our solution


  • The busy client insights team got results quicker & priced like doing it themselves

  • Consumer feedback on 3 creative avenues strongly guided agency actions

  • Good creative was strengthened before it was too late for production process


MDI was voted Supplier of the Year! 

As one of the biggest fast food giants globally, this is a real testament to a strong working relationship

Is Journey Tracker right for you?


  • FMCG (needing to test many ads)

  • Digital (needing fast turnaround)

  • Banking (needing to get tone right)

  • Cosmetics (low-cost test vs strategy)

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