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Case Study

The right tool when you need to deeply capture how people behave over time

Case Study client:

Large MMCG Co.



Track all drinks consumed over 7 days, at home and on-the-go.  Size the market and reveal what, why, where, when, etc. Find growth areas.


  • MDI engineered a brilliant survey that was complex, but super easy for consumers

  • Advanced behind-the-scenes engines tracked completes hourly with rapid reminders for those who forgot to report a morning or afternoon

  • Personal calls to keep respondents going

  • Needs-driven analysis to reveal growth

diary cell.png

Why it’s breakthrough

The survey was 60 pages long, but advanced skip and jump logic made it a 2-minute breeze for people.

  • Captured images on-the-spot for context

  • Better clarity on why drink consumed

  • High retention – critical for 7-day diary

Why this client loved our solution


  • Made a 60-page, hour-long survey into 2-minutes for each drink

  • More accurate and in-the-moment

  • Turnaround time was ½ prior study

  • 10x more observations at lower cost

  • Praised: “a break-thru achievement”

  • ​​

  • The client got quick feedback, solid benchmarks and was able to make great business decisions!


"Mobile Digital Insight’s work was top notch!  Our prior supplier had years to get this study right, but they never approached the quality done by MDI. "

Is Journey Tracker right for you?


  • FMCG Companies: Landscape studies or shopper studies are ideal applications

  • Beauty:  Usage & Attitude studies

  • Whenever you need to track change over time with several events

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