At MDI, we are interested in learning about a lot of things…

Right now, we’re interested in learning about what people in Australia are drinking… actually, everything that people across Australia are drinking… and why!

Who is having a coffee to start the day, and what does it look like? Is it to kick start your energy, or to warm you up?

Who grabs an energy drink at 4pm?  Do you drink the whole thing, or is half enough?

Who simply sips their way through a water bottle throughout the day?  Is it because it’s healthy, or because it’s convenient?

We’re conducting a drink diary study that runs over a four day period via a mobile app on your phone.  

To take part, you will need to have an Apple or Android smartphone, and you will be invited to download the MDI app, Refresh Me.

For the four days, you will need to fill out a short diary on your mobile (approx. 2min) each time you have a drink.

It’s quick & easy, and upon completing the study you'll receive a $50 eGift card, redeemable at a number of major retailers Australia-wide.


Please check out our Privacy Policy on this website if you have any questions about what happens to data that we collect.   Amongst other details, it outlines that any information that you provide as part of this project is used only for this project, and not shared with any third party. 

To register your interest in this project and get started.

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