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Ideal if your customers experience many touchpoints with varying moments or outcomes.

Case Study client: Insurance Provider


During an insurance claim, measure the customer experience at each vital step, giving insights for improvement.


  • Five 2-3 minute surveys, timed for delivery at each critical contact event

  • Deliver the right survey at the right time on the journey – mobile friendly

  • Questionnaires adjust to the situation

  • Email & text reminders, properly timed

  • Visual dashboard updated daily

  • A strong sample at each step

ClaimStory Steps.png

Why it’s breakthrough

MDI built a powerful back-end support engine,

creating a simple and reliable customer experience.

  • Eliminates manual involvement

  • Tracks completes. Selects/adjusts next Qs

  • Times next questionnaires

  • Sends email, text & other reminders

Why this client loved our solution

  • Questions are close to “in-the-moment”.

  • Clean read of each step as opposed to one large study at the end

  • A cumbersome process was simplified

  • We contained costs, increased speed


The client wants to expand this to other areas of the business,

which is the ultimate compliment!


"Absolutely one of the best research approaches I’ve ever seen."

- Name

Is Journey Tracker right for you?

  • Healthcare (maternity, long-term care)

  • Cruise ship (explore the weekly journey)

  • Explore each step while Airline travelling

  • Phone carrier (new customer experience)

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