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Honda, Toyota, and GM have driven ahead of the competition in the eyes of vehicle shoppers.

Honda, Toyota, and GM are the most popular automobile companies. In a recent survey of 581 car buyers by Mobile Digital Insights, Honda was chosen as the favorite brand of vehicle, followed closely by Toyota and GM.

However, while talk of “favorites” is a small part of the overall learnings, each automobile manufacturer queried in this study came away with something to be learned.

When compared to those who have ever bought a vehicle from the major auto manufacturers, Honda and Toyota—and even Daimler and BMW—rose dramatically in brand equity while Ford suffered, suggesting that actual positive experience with their vehicle brands went in opposite directions.

“Honda’s place atop the favorite brands,” says Bruce Crandall, Senior Research Director at MDI Americas, “stems from reliability—and from creating word of mouth as the best, most reliable vehicles based on actual experience.” “For Toyota,” Crandall added, “their mix of luxury and reliability appears key to generating loyal customers. And far more than either Honda or Toyota, GM’s place in the top tier of popularity is also due to offering attractive vehicle designs and better customer service.”


These findings come from MDI’s BrandCategorySurvey™ conducted in October 2019 among the general U.S. population. Sixteen hundred (n=1,600) adults (+/- 2%), ages 18 and older, participated in the online survey. Please let us know if you’d like to learn more!

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