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Measure Current Performance, But Don’t Forget To Look Ahead

I’m a researcher. Sometimes research confirms what we already believe and sometimes it can be revelatory, eye-opening, brimming with new business opportunities, no matter the company size or industry.

Recently, we conducted research for a boutique company that provides software to help non-profit organizations and individual caregivers support their patients with special needs/disabilities. In addition to measuring current performance, we decided to add a small, but significant component: the future. Do you know what we learned?

Takeaway #1 We discovered the untapped appeal for software products they’d already developed for certain customers, but which they hadn’t considered developing and selling to a wider audience. A revelation to our client was that they sat on products that, when marketed based on priority, would likely generate sales.

Takeaway #2 Moreover, because we talked to our client’s customers, we were able to identify and share individuals with the most interest, by product. New sales targets.

“This research really helped us prioritize where we needed to devote resources in development, rather than wasting time on things that weren’t relevant. We’ve done surveys before, but the way MDI organized the learnings was off-the-charts amazing. We could look at the data clearly and evaluate it, and then we laid out clear, simple-action steps, which we’re doing. In fact, when listing the products on our website now, we market them in order of how they were prioritized by our own clients in the research.”
—John Cheney, President, Q90 Corporation

What untapped potential does your business have? What key questions do you need to ask to identify products and services that will or won’t attract new business? Satisfaction, net-promoter scores, and performance measurement are extremely valuable, but don’t neglect to identify other gold that lies ahead of you either.

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