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More U.S. travelers would like to stay at a Marriott-branded hotel than any other.

Marriott is the favorite brand of hotels among U.S. travelers. In a recent survey among 591 hotel customers by Mobile Digital Insights, Marriott was chosen as the favorite hotel chain, followed by IHG, Hilton, and Hyatt.

However, while talk of “favorites” is a small part of the overall learnings, each hotel brand queried in this study came away with something to be learned.

Still, more U.S. travelers have stayed at a Hilton-branded hotel than any other over the years, suggesting that that Hilton has created a larger, more attractive sweet spot for more types of consumers than any other hotel brand over time.

“While Marriott has built the most attractive suite of hotels with better locations and excellent customer service,” says Bruce Crandall, Senior Research Director at MDI Americas, “each brand has capitalized on particular strengths—from IHG’s value to Hyatt’s premium feel and amenities to Hilton’s consistency across several important factors like location, breakfast, and service.”


These findings come from MDI’s BrandCategorySurvey™ conducted in October 2019 among the general U.S. population. Sixteen hundred (n=1,600) adults (+/- 2%), ages 18 and older, participated in the online survey. Please let us know if you’d like to learn more!

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