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Southwest flies much higher in the eyes of consumers than the other major U.S. airlines.

Southwest Airlines is by far the favorite airline of U.S. travelers. In a recent survey among 581 airline travelers by Mobile Digital Insights, Southwest Airlines was chosen as the favorite airline, followed by Delta, United, and American.

However, while talk of “favorites” is a small part of the overall learnings, each airline brand queried in this study came away with something to be learned.

“Among other things,” says Ron Gailey, President of MDI Americas, “we learned that Southwest satisfies like no other airline brand by offering reasonable fares, not nickel and diming customers, and by performing better at more things than other airlines.” “In fact,” continues Gailey, “no other airline does as well, across the board, at pricing, customer service, providing a good flight experience, convenience, and not charging for bags and other incidentals.”


These findings come from MDI’s BrandCategorySurvey™ conducted in October 2019 among the general U.S. population. Sixteen hundred (n=1,600) adults (+/- 2%), ages 18 and older, participated in the online survey. Please let us know if you’d like to learn more!

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