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Why Is LATAM Both More Concerned And More Optimistic about COVID-19 Than The U.S.?

Updated: May 21, 2020

From the Mobile Digital Insights’ COVID-19 Tracker, Latin America contrasts sharply with the U.S. in being far more concerned about the coronavirus, family income/job security, and the global economy during this pandemic.

While Latin Americans are far more concerned about the three biggest COVID-19-related issues than those in the U.S., they’re also significantly more optimistic right now. Why, you ask?

"It’s a curious paradox,” says Ron Gailey, President of Mobile Digital Insights Americas. “It’s likely a combination of several factors like a higher-level of resilience, of ‘toughness,’ from weathering greater socio-political-economic challenges over the years and a less combative, negative relationship between the executive branch and the press that influences attitudes for good or bad. In fact, the data here show that most Latin Americans are generally less negative about their media, where 41% overall said the media used good judgment vs. 25% saying so in the U.S.”


In order to provide a measure for business leaders, Mobile Digital Insights has launched a COVID-19 Tracker to monitor concerns, activities, behavior changes, challenges experienced, perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes, and to explore these by various key demographics. No one knows the duration and depth of societal impacts as local and national governments seek to contain and treat the virus. This study is designed to allow business leaders to see indicators for recovery from the crisis.

Research Approach

Mobile Digital Insights is executing an 8- to 9-minute mobile-optimized survey to dig deeply into customer behaviors, activities, and feelings in the U.S. and several Latin American countries. The survey was completed among approximately n=300 consumers in the U.S. and varying sample sizes across Latin America, balanced by age, gender, and geography.

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