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MDI’s workhorse solution developed for any one of your broad range of research needs

Case Study client: Fast food giant


Execute a broad array of studies in challenging South & Central American countries, while containing costs; using common mobile devices.


  • Use RapiTest for design versatility and ease of deploying research in minutes

  • Disrupt costs through a combination of communities and social media sampling

  • Reach a broad, representative sample who is on-the-go and hard to reach

  • Take advantage of RapiTest’s suite of capabilities: single & mult-response, complex piping, open-ends, chats, and photo upload to visualize the moment

RapiTest is a solution for all these research needs

  • Ideation

  • New product dev

  • Brand measurement

  • Usage & attitudes studies

  • Customer experience

  • TVC pre-testing

  • Communications track

  • Concept development

  • Concept tests

  • Ethnographic research

Why it’s breakthrough


MDI’s solution allowed the client to tackle a huge array of quant and qual studies effortlessly.

  • Execute across dozens of countries easily

  • Handle multiple languages

  • Multi-modal (SMS/chat/social media/email)

  • Consolidated reporting

  • Speed - hours, not days

Why this client loved our solution

  • Saved hundreds of thousands vs before

  • Far faster, with rapid-iteration learning

  • Created marketing & research alignment

Is Journey Tracker right for you?

  • Are you a large or small business?  It’s likely perfect for you – honestly!

  • Do you do the research in-house?   RapiTest may actually be cheaper with stronger reporting.


“I have been working with MDI since early 2015, and the impact on the business has been invaluable.  It has allowed us to put the consumer at the front of all of our decision making.  In a large and diverse market like Latin America and a dynamic industry like QSR, it is critical that research be fast and flexible.  MDI has truly changed the way that we make decisions in our region, and has become our go-to source in driving impactful and sales driving results.”

- Amy Durini, KFC


MDI was voted Supplier of the Year! 


As one of the biggest fast-food giants globally, this is a real testament to a strong working relationship

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