At MDI, we are interested in learning about a lot of things…

If you're interested in sharing your thoughts with us and being rewarded for it, please register your interest so we can invite you to upcoming projects. 

We conduct diaries via mobile on a range of topics.  

You will typically be required to download an app onto your mobile phone, and through this app you will log a diary at a point of interest - this might be every time you have a drink, every time you eat a snack - or maybe every time you use a certain product, do your hair etc.! 

Your opinion is valuable to us - and you can earn rewards for sharing your feedback. 

We conduct diary studie that runs over multiple days or weeks via a mobile app on your phone.  

To take part, you will need to have an Apple or Android smartphone, and you will be invited to download the MDI app.

For the period of the diary, you will need to fill out a short diary on your mobile (approx. 2min) each time you have a drink / a snack / use a certain product.

It’s a quick & easy product, and upon completing the study you'll receive a gift card / virtual visa card for your reward.

Please check out our Privacy Policy on this website if you have any questions about what happens to data that we collect.   Amongst other details, it outlines that any information that you provide as part of this project is used only for this project, and not shared with any third party. 

To register your interest in this project and get started.