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Research Wave 5: Dare We Say Optimism?

From the Mobile Digital Insights’ COVID-19 Tracker, anxiety remains high, but there are signs that fears are leveling off, and even some evidence of declines. In fact, our “Anxiety Scale” is seeing the first movements away from panic (-6% vs. two weeks ago of this biweekly tracker) and a slight increase in optimism (+7%).

With easing of federal and state restrictions, we’re seeing positive trends for good judgment among state and national government. Restaurants are beginning to open and are being viewed as having good judgment.

“After six weeks, we’re actually seeing a few positive trends for a change,” affirms Ron Gailey, President of Mobile Digital Insights Americas. “There’s declining concern about coronavirus, about personal and family safety, in panic, and there’s a rise in optimism. With businesses starting to open up again, I’m cautiously optimistic that our lives and the economy will start turning in a positive direction, too.”


In order to provide a measure for business leaders, Mobile Digital Insights has launched a COVID-19 Tracker to monitor concerns, activities, behavior changes, challenges experienced, perceptions, beliefs and attitudes, and to explore these by various key demographics. No one knows the duration and depth of societal impacts as local and national governments seek to contain and treat the virus. This study is designed to allow business leaders to see indicators for recovery from the crisis.

Research Approach

Mobile Digital Insights is executing an 8- to 9-minute mobile-optimized survey to dig deeply into customer behaviors, activities and feelings. Results from this Monday to Sunday weekly tracker remained static several weeks into the study and was changed to biweekly in order to track more dramatic shifts. N=300 per biweekly wave using sample by CINT, balanced by gender, age, and geography for a U.S. national sample.

About MDI

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